Top Ways to Destroy Trust with Your Employees

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Trust you want to create in the organization, is the foundation of all positive relationships. Trust is one of the strongest bonds that can exist between people and customers. Confidence is one of the most critical aspects of a relationship.

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You can spend years building trust between your employees, your managers, and your senior leaders, when you violate the current atmosphere of trust in the eyes of your senior team, usually, your employees.

For Example:

In a small manufacturer’s company, the senior team failed to inform employees of financial difficulties. The company was experimenting with the company. So when 21 job vacancies were announced and the quality department was abolished, the employees were shocked.

This shock involves a serious lack of confidence. The rest of the jobs waited to leave the next shoe, mourned the loss of their colleagues, and quietly began looking for many jobs. Many years have passed since the senior team was able to regain its jobs, and in the meantime, it has lost several key staff members.

Once you destroy trust, after breaking the bond of trust, the most difficult aspect of building your culture is trust. If you are free from trust-destroying actions, you can create a culture of trust in your organization. Avoid trusting them to establish a culture of trust.

What Is A Trust?

Already in the article, the three components defined by Dr. Devin C. Twi were reviewed. He says that trust “is a state of preparation for a non-negotiable conversation with someone or something. Think of trust as the formation of these three components and makes the concept of trust easier to understand.

What is Confidence?

Confidence assessment depends on your experience, to which you can respond effectively to meet these three components of trust: Confidence means, that your total life experiences have prepared your current ability and desire to risk relying on others. You believe in trust. You have experienced trust and believe, that trust is possible.


The concept of potential is your potential and whatever is necessary for your current situation. It also makes you think of the ability of others to perform competently.


The concept of intent, as explained by Twee. It is your belief that actions, words, directions, missions, or decisions encourage mutual service rather than self-serving goals. Trust depends on the continuity of these three components and your experience. Trust is easy to maintain and destroy.

Ways to Destroy Trust:

For the trust that exists in an organization, a certain amount of transparency must be addressed to the intentions, direction, actions, communication, feedback, and in particular, to senior leaders and managers, but also to all employees.

As a result, there are ways in which people destroy trust.

  1. Employees lie to the commission: they fail to tell the truth. Often with the intention of deceiving or confusing people. This has a powerful effect on the whole organization when lies come from leaders, but the relationship of colleagues is also destroyed by the lies of the commission. A lie is a lie is a lie.
  2. If this is not the whole truth, if it requires preparation and word editing, then you must remember the details. So you make sure you don’t turn your story into a story again. Maybe you’re lying or, at the very least, part of your story is lying. Disloyalty people get out of their careers. When a judge is a senior manager, can you imagine the false impact on an organization?
  3. If this is not the whole truth, if it requires preparation and word editing, then you must remember the details. So you make sure, that you don’t turn your story into a story again, maybe you’re lying. Or, at least, part of your story is a lie. Disloyalty people get out of their careers. Judge is a senior manager when you can imagine the false impact in an organization.