How Gender Equality and Technology Ruined Sex

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Sex sells, stimulates, maneuvers, provokes. It’s not a purchased taste, but something that’s been around since our first moments.

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“Baby Man is open to everyone, and not everyone who sexually abuses children is chosen by them,” sexologist and psychoanalyst Danielle Nafo said. “The child doesn’t care whether you are male, female or trance, whether you are old, young, animal or inanimate object – it excites everyone. The place we all go is polymorphic sex, which Freud called And it’s the biggest influence we have.”

That lively beginning brings a painful encounter very quickly. “It’s important that we live in a community, so we can’t do what we want,” Nafo said. “What we are forbidden to do is sex. The laws, the parents, the school system, the religion – they are all there to control us, and primarily to control our sexuality. That’s just because No because we have a strong motivation. The thing is, the community keeps saying ‘you can’t’, which is ours. It tries to suppress sexual polymorphism.”

That control is experienced as a shock and leaves scars that shape our continued lives as sexual beings. “There are different levels of trauma,” he continues. “Not everyone is sexually abused, but we as humans all experience the setback: no matter how good our parents’ hearts are, they tell us what to do and they will always drown because They give us orders. My son told me over the years he should go to Hebrew school. He felt like I had startled him, it was a simple, positive thing. I put him in a good place. All his parents were dictators. were, more or less enlightened, who ruled for a very long time: 18 years.”

Many times the way to deal with the inevitable trauma of childhood is to return to the site of injury during adult intercourse, Nafo said: “Returning to the site of trauma is dangerous, we can hurt again, but if it doesn’t, then It would be achievement, control, and it would be thrilling. For example, a patient who smiled at her manhood – her older sister and her mother were humiliated by wearing women’s clothes. She wore cross dress when she grew up She didn’t want to be a woman, she dressed like a woman and then took out her penis and said, ‘Ha! I’m a man no matter what you do with me.’ And that excitement turned into a sensuality within her .

“Man’s desire is restless, people are always looking for adventure,” with restrained thrills and unconscious experiences, events that have been unprocessed from childhood, re-establishing pain, embarrassment and disorder. The most widespread discrepancy is men being humiliated by a tyrant who wears a diaper. They are reprints of what happened to them, but now they control the situation and enjoy it. “

Wait, is this widespread?

Why bed sharing is healthy and sleep exercise says child abuser, a child biologist
What do your sexual fantasies tell about you?

“The most!”

I’m not in the ring.

“British psychologist Brett Kahr has studied the sexual fantasies of 23,000 men and women of all ages. He has found that many of them contain strong images of tragedy, masochism and other forms of loss. If so, many of us will go to jail,” he wrote. Changes are coming from such areas. People are taking something very difficult and trying not to know what to do with it.

circle of reality

Nafo, a professor of clinical psychology at Long Island University, is one of the world’s leading theorists on sex. The results of her 2020 research are her new book, The Analysis of the New Sexual Landscape and Contemporary Psychology (Rogo Lo Bosco; co-authored with Confer Books), which combines therapeutic approaches with recent research on sociology.

Born in Safi, a port city in western Morocco, Nafo moved to the United States with his parents as a child. “It’s a big change, but that home was Morocco – the food, the tradition, the music.” He continues to tour Morocco and is vice president of the Muslim-Jewish Association of Moroccans in New York.

Nafo was alone in Israel at the age of 17, studying Hebrew (his fourth language, after French – he spoke at home – English and Spanish). He received two academic degrees in Israel, medical psychology and English literature, and later returned to the United States, where he trained as a psychologist. She then spent another time in Israel, where she gave birth to her only child, her only child as a mother. During a trip to Israel we met in his rented apartment by the sea in Tel Aviv on Hirkhan Street, where he studied at Tel Aviv University.

Nafo’s research on sex leads her to perspectives beyond the bedroom.

“In psychoanalysis we emphasize sexuality, but deviations appear in every human activity,” he said. “It is a widespread phenomenon today in large corporations, in the mental health profession, in governments. Each organization changes its original meaning and purpose in its operations. For example, let’s look at the police system. They are clearly there to protect us. We were there to provide security, but we pressed a police officer’s neck for nine and a half minutes. We saw – it was against the police, doing the opposite of what they wanted to do.”

Tragedy, nafo notice, is the event that is most characteristic of our times. He wrote in 2016, “The Age of Disorder: Desire and Technology in Psychoanalysis and Culture,” and we recognize that anxiety, narcissism, terrorism, and psychosis are powerful forces in today’s culture, but they are also ages of perversion. “

What is a disaster?

“An important aspect of distortion is the denial of certain aspects of reality. According to Freud, the main defense mechanism for distortion is undeniable. Perversion is not always reality, but at the same time it is a fundamental feature of our culture. In contrast, objectification , humanization and exploitation are well known in today’s society.”

By your definition, Israel is a bad nation.

Here is a denial of Palestinian reality. I’ve been here for two weeks and no one has talked about it, as if it weren’t there. In a disaster you will take on a reality that you cannot deal with, which cannot be denied, verified or changed. For example, a bookmaker can only have sex with a woman if she wears high heels. This is the most common twist, but what happens there? According to Freud, the man was actually afraid of the female genitals, and the only way to approach a woman was to bridge the gender gap, he did it by giving her a faux pas: a shoe with high heels. But it’s an illusion: there’s no real gender, it’s only shoes. Or another example: necrophilia. I wrote an article about it. Negro denied that the object was in fact dead. “

Was the body not uncovered in the Negro because he was dead?

“No, you can’t resist the urge to boo him—they’re totally going to be submissive on women like drug addicts. But he thinks zombies are alive, and can love him. Between living The difference is denied .. and dead.”

Let us go back for a moment to the perverted practices of the Palestinians.

“We think they’re not, and then sometimes there’s war, denial doesn’t work. Suddenly people have to deal with reality. But not only do we deny their existence, we ignore their existence.” Humanity, their civil rights. It’s a tragedy, because we’re a democracy, we want to think of humanity as a morality, but they [Palestinians] haven’t been vaccinated, but we’re good, but look across the border That’s what’s being done there. People. You also see “In the United States, if they catch suspected terrorists, psychologists are responsible for the investigation.”

I think the Mossad and the security service Shin Pet also use psychologists.

“These are the people who have to deal with others, they have to help, they use their knowledge to deal with torture! They change the essence of the profession. This is deviance.”

What would you say about Benjamin Netanyahu?

“Oh, it’s hard.”

Around the world, Gender sells newspapers. In Israel, gender has a serious rival.

“Netanyahu is a political genius who believes that the rules that apply to others apply to him. He does not want to accept certain aspects of the truth, he does not want to give up his power, the power of everyone else. The feeling is eternal.

Is he above the law and does he really think what he is doing is right?

“Yes, he denies one aspect of the truth.”

So it gives confidence to others.

“Look at Trump. Do you remember how he read the Bible, but the book was upside down? He was asked what part of the Bible he wanted, to which he replied, ‘I like everything.’ He clearly couldn’t read the Bible, but preachers thought he was the Messiah. “Trump is the highest moral and religious man in the world. They deny that reality. That deviation. Of course, the biggest denial comes from the fact that he lost the election to [Joe] Biden. “

From what you say, US citizens are in some way or the other isolated among a hundred and a half hundred, the same in Israel. Although Netanyahu is completely secular and Ashkenazi, he enjoys widespread support from Egyptian and traditionalist groups.

“I’m of Moroccan origin, and that’s not the politics I want to see. But yes, if you want to strengthen your religious tradition and vote for Netanyahu – there’s something wrong with it, because it’s against your traditional values. is working against. You start to see it everywhere. They follow him.”

Does following a perverted leader mean you are doomed too?

“To deny an aspect of reality is to agree to participate in a distorted illusion.”

Could the disaster be a mass event?

Could the disaster be a mass event? "Of course. Nazism is a collective perversion."

“Of course. Nazism is a collective perversion.”

Do you recognize mass divergence now?

“Many countries are moving in a fascist direction. Denying the environmental crisis is a mass socialization. The world is responsible for its destruction. Everyone can die. We reject it.”

death and sex

Denial of death is one of the oldest, greatest and most common. This is where perversion and sexuality come together in full force.

Nafo: “Disaster is the result of society, religion, law, everything that governs us. Disorder seeks to destroy boundaries, and with the limitations of the body. The body becomes ill, ages and dies. Deformity. Denies it. Sex makes us feel life, and it gives life. We all want to break into this whole chain. Sex is a fistfight with death, and disaster is the existence of a planted rebellion, a self The consciousness of the conscious animal.”

People are dying, who protested this fact thousands of years ago. Why is our time distorted?

“There are many ages of perversion, and ours is not the first. But two things divide our ages. First, the end of death is a bigger issue today than in the past. Most people have a divine plan and the promise of immortality. But technology has failed to do the opposite of our times. – Technology is advancing and changing everything in our lives. There are amazing things, but there are aspects of using technology. Our addiction to technology humanizes us. makes it more intense and common among others.

People think that humanization always works for others, not for themselves.

“But the two will always be together. If you don’t humanize others, you’ll always meet unintentionally. That’s what happens with porn. No porn titles, no intimacy. When you watch pornography, you see something within yourself.” kill: the ability to notice the other, the ability to recognize the humanity of the other. I have been treated by some porn addicts – many of whom think they are zombies and have lost themselves.”