“Blatcommittee Children “The director of the school spent 30,000 rubles on the rural representatives’ presentation.



Children were given a talk by the “authorities” in their community regarding sexual orientation.

Following an incident in which local citizens with prior convictions gave a lecture about sexual education to students at a school in Primorye, the principals of that school were each fined 30,000 rubles. According to the press office of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, two of the three people who were giving the lecture have a history of involvement in criminal activity in the past.

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Violation of children’s rights

A statement from the Ministry of Education read, “According to the prosecutor’s decision, the court will impose an administrative fine of 30 thousand rubles on the director of an educational organization for violating Part 1 of Article 5.57 of the Code of Administrative Offenses” (violation of the right to education and the rights and freedoms of students provided for by the legislation on education).

The prosecutor gave a presentation to the head of the Mikhailovsky municipal district as well as to the director of the school. The director of the educational institution, the deputy head of the education department of the district administration, and the head of the education department all received reprimands as well as remarks.

To refresh your memory, earlier in the year it came to light that in the Mikhailovsky area of Primorye, “authorities” from the local criminal community gave a presentation to students about the different sexual orientations. The students were the ones who informed the parents about the meeting with the “authorities” in the village school, and the parents subsequently publicized this story on the Pikabu website after hearing about it from the students.

What to do and what not to do

Eyewitnesses claim that the bandits gave the lads advice on “what not to do in life” and “what would happen to them in the zone” if they had romantic ties with each other in the zone.

“The previous director of the school, who is now and has been for the past year and a half the administrator of the remote hamlet, invited local robbers to the school” (everyone knows them). The person in charge of the school personally toured all three floors of the building, interrupted classes on each floor, and only gathered boys in the fifth through seventh grades. He did this without providing the teachers with any explanation.

The school did not choose any young men whose parents worked on the same campus as them. The deputy for the educational department offered her assistance during the collection process. The assembly hall was soon filled with all of the children that had been called there. The only adults present were the director, the former director, and the physical education teacher. There were no other adults present. Including the bandits who were invited to the party. The director provided an introduction to the invited guests. The magazine wrote, “They are the folks that care for our village, and the children should look up to them!”

It was strictly forbidden for children to discuss the event with their parents or teachers; nonetheless, the gathering was widely publicized regardless.

What is Sex education? Why is important for children

Teaching young people and small children about their sexuality and raising their understanding of the importance of sexual health are two of the primary goals of sex education programs. The stigmas associated with sexuality and sex can be dismantled with the help of sex education in the classroom. This helps pupils make well-informed choices. Human growth and development, reproductive health, gender awareness, safe sexual practices, etc. are just a few of the many aspects of life that are addressed in a well-rounded sex education program.

Sex Education’s Function in the Classroom

The role of schools in educating students For children about sexuality and promoting students’ sexual health is crucial. This can be beneficial for students’ mental health because it encourages them to remain vigilant and avoid potentially harmful situations. This helps cultivate a positive school culture and provides a welcoming atmosphere for all students. Children need to learn about sexuality and safer sex behaviours before they become sexually active in order to fully prepare them for healthy and consenting partnerships. Students would learn the skills they need to take charge of their own lives and care for their own emotional and physical well-being if they had access to age-appropriate, comprehensive sexual education.


Children have a greater chance of developing into healthy people who are able to deal with anything that life throws at them if they are able to form better judgements about themselves, their bodies, and their connections with others, whether they are at home or elsewhere in life for children.

Young people require accurate information from an adult with whom they can place their trust in order to be able to make informed decisions, and instructors have the ability to guarantee that they present their pupils with accurate information. Their sexual health can be improved for the rest of their lives by receiving factual knowledge from adults in their lives whom they respect and trust. When sexuality is taught in schools, students are given the opportunity to adopt healthy attitudes and behaviours early in life, which can then be reinforced throughout their entire lives in a variety of different ways.


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March 16, 2023

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