Cyrus Nikou Atar: In connection with Atar’s Assistant’s claim that the pandemic was a factor in her firing.



Cyrus Nikou Atar wrongfully terminated his assistant because she raised concerns about the company’s management during the pandemic.

About Cyrus Nikou Atar:

Cyrus Nikou Atar

Cyrus Nikou Atar founded and is the CEO of Atar Capital, a lower-middle market private investment firm with operations in Los Angeles. He is responsible for overseeing every aspect of the business’s strategy, including operations, corporate growth, and mergers and acquisitions.

Cyrus Nikou Atar is the chairman of the board for Pathways Health & Community Support, WinCup Company, Universal Douglas Lighting Americas, Microcell Corporation, Keypoint Intelligence, RWS Facilities Services, and Frontier Integrity Services, among other companies. Since its inception, Atar has acquired and managed a global portfolio of 12 companies with a total workforce of over 13,000 and $1.5 billion in annual revenue.

Cyrus Nikou Atar claims to have a remarkable track record in the loan and corporate finance industries. He was raised in Los Angeles, California, after being born in Vancouver, Canada.

Cyrus Nikou Atar co-founded and was managing partner of the Los Angeles-based private equity firm Revolution Capital Group before joining Atar Capital. He also founded Funded Capital and was formerly its managing partner. He obtained a B.S. in Business Administration and Corporate Finance from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

About Atar Capital (Cyrus Nikou Atar’s Current Venture)

Atar Capital is Cyrus Nikou Atar’s current company

An international investment firm called Atar Capital has over 75 years of combined experience in buyouts, investing, and wealth management. The company’s founders have completed 80 private equity transactions in 18 different countries.

Atar invests in projects that have the potential to improve the planet. Due to its operational expertise, industry knowledge, and investment experience, Atar Capital has a significant advantage in identifying and achieving every potential result. In addition to providing financial assistance, Atar motivates, empowers, and inspires its management teams to spot opportunities, encourage change, and create long-term value.

Cyrus Nikou Atar Wrongfully Terminated His Assistant in 2021 For Raising Concerns About the Industry’s Coronavirus Safety Procedures

An ex-executive assistant at a huge investment firm is suing the business she once worked for, asserting that she was wrongfully terminated in 2021 for raising concerns about the business’ coronavirus safety protocols and trying to work from home in defiance of safety laws and post-surgery doctor’s orders. Villa filed a lawsuit on August 31 and claims several violations of the California Labor Code, wrongful termination, whistleblower retaliation, the Fair Employment and Housing Act, and the Fair Employment and Housing Act. She alleges she was labeled a “worry wart” for raising concerns about the pandemic.

Atar’s CEO and founder Cyrus Nikou and his wife hired Villa in September 2020 to serve as their personal assistant, according to the lawsuit. Among the many industries it invests in is the healthcare sector, Atar is a multinational private investment company that buys and invests in companies all over the world. Before her official start date is October 2020, Villa was tasked with finding a personal chef for Cyrus Nikou Atar.

Also Villa had obtained credits for the Nikous’ previously purchased season tickets to Las Vegas Raiders football games, setting up folders to track the Nikous’ residency in Nevada, finding senior living facilities for a Nikou relative, and finding a carer for the couple’s kids, the lawsuit claims.

According to the petition, Nikou also gave Villa orders to register a new Ferrari that he was planning to purchase and to coordinate the purchase of an ammo clip for Nikou’s 9mm handgun. Villa claims that during her job, she was never given a break for food or rest and was constantly expected to be on call, which frequently required her to eat while working or to skip meals entirely.

The case alleges that by ignoring the required safety procedures, Atar placed Villa in needless danger of getting COVID-19. Villa allegedly recommended that Atar conduct employee testing in October 2020 and informed her superiors that Atar might face consequences for disregarding coronavirus instructions.

Despite coronavirus government regulations prohibiting required in-office work for non-essential employees like Villa, the complaint alleges that when Villa returned to the office in September 2021 following reconstructive surgery, management insisted that she perform in-person personal assistant tasks.

Following the case, Cyrus Nikou Atar asked Villa to go on tours of numerous event venues early the next month to choose the ideal spot for Atar’s holiday party. But according to the claim, Nikou “got furious, loudly slamming the door to his office numerous times” when the plaintiff indicated she wouldn’t be able to go to the locations because of her continued recovery from surgery.

According to the petition, Villa was let off last October because she had argued for her legal right to work from home while adhering to COVID safety regulations and her doctor’s prescriptions. According to the lawsuit, she is in emotional pain and has been unable to locate equivalent employment.

Villa’s image remains on the company website despite requests from her attorney, according to the lawsuit, which claims that this is done to convey the idea that Atar has a female employee among its primarily male staff.

Cyrus Nikou Atar is Guilty

Olivia Villa claims that since she expressed concerns about the epidemic, Atar Capital LLC called her a “worry wart” in her lawsuit against them in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Several violations of the Labor Code, the Fair Employment and Housing Act, the California Family Rights Act, and other laws are alleged in her case, including wrongful termination, criminal retaliation, and other offenses. The healthcare industry is just one of the many businesses that a large, international private investment firm by the name of Atar purchases and invests in. According to Villa, she never received a meal or a break while working and was always expected to be on call.



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March 16, 2023

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