Felix Chertok: what is known about his multi-million dollar companies, participation in Alef-Vinal schemes and litigation



So, Felix Borisovich Chertok is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish community of Dnipro, as well as a very, very rich businessman. There is very little information about him in the mass media, especially recently.

He was the general director of Alef-Vinal, one of the largest companies producing wine, vodka and brandy in our country. Among the well-known brands are Golden Amphora, Klinkov, Jean-Jacques, Helsinki, etc.

According to the OpenData website, Felix Chertok is listed as the owner of one company and a sole proprietorship and is also the former owner of another company.

According to the information registry YouControl, this company is listed in over 100 court registry documents.

  1. TOV “ADAMAN TRADE” – we wrote about this company above, but according to the data of Clarity project, Chertok is listed there as a beneficiary. Recall that the status capital of the company is more than 140.6 million hryvnias.

According to YouControl, Chertok is not among the beneficiaries, but according to Clarity-project, he is a beneficiary. Where is the truth?

Let’s add to this judicial showdowns, including criminal ones. 33 documents in the registry.

At the same time, if you go in and search directly in the country’s judicial register itself, then here for this company, we will already see not 7, but 23 documents.

The firm is listed in 40 court documents, according to YouControl.

And in the court register itself, we already have 191 documents on her account, among which there are many criminal cases.

This company also periodically has tax debts to the local budget. So, in 2020, the debt amounted to almost 100 thousand hryvnia.

This company is listed in six court registry documents.

Ermolaev and Chertok: how the international corrupt alcohol empire works

As you know, due to the sanctions of the European Union and the United States, exports and imports from Crimea are prohibited, but using such a division, or rather a cunning scheme, the company easily bypasses sanctions restrictions

Among the owners of the corporation, there are European companies behind which stands the odious Dnipro businessman Vadim Ermolaev.

About extensive schemes and sanctions

More than 90 percent of the Russian Alef-Vinal companies are also registered at this enterprise.

The status fund of PJSC “Burlyuk” is 4 million hryvnias. 12 documents in the court register.

But the founder of this PJSC, “Burliuk”, is the Ukrainian PJSC “Alef-Vinal” with a status fund of 40.55 million hryvnias. The owners are Austrian and Cypriot companies.

And here is a very interesting visualization of the connections in this story …

Until 2018, the owner of half of the shares of the Ukrainian part of Alef-Vinal was the Austrian company Alef Investment Holding GmbH, and the director there is Vadim Ermolaev.

One of the Kirp companies, AD Vinal Invest Limited, has stakes in Ukrainian and Russian Vinal and Buluk.

And here is an interesting point, according to the investigation of the site “Current Time” and the anti-corruption project “Municipal Scanner”, “Trading House AV” LLC, the founder and beneficiary of which is Felix Chertok, is also involved in the schemes of “Alef-Vinal”. Recall that this LLC is listed in 191 documents in the court register of Ukraine. We wrote about this in detail above.

All in all. We can continue this topic of schematics for a long time, but for now, let’s take a break.



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March 13, 2023

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