General Steel Corporation is Reported as A Scam By Clients



General Steel Corporation is a construction company that claims to provide full commercial services to its clients.

However, it has been scamming many of its customers. Various clients report that the company fails to fulfil its obligations after getting paid for the work.

No matter what stage of the building process our customers are in, they can rely on us to provide the solutions they need to complete every construction project successfully, from pre-construction services and planning through the design and delivery of steel buildings of any scale.

General Steel Corporation’s claims on their website

General Steel Corporation
General Steel Corporation’s showcase of their work

About General Steel Corporation:

  • Name of the company: General Steel Corporation
  • Address: West Bradford Road
  • City: Denver
  • State: CO
  • Phone: +1 303-904-4837

Negative Reviews about the General Steel Corporation

#Complaint 1

One of the buyers complains that he had purchased the steel building from General Steel Corporation and had paid a deposit money of $35k. the General Steel Corporation promised a lot but was not able to fulfill a single thing. It took him 3 months to produce a blueprint so that the building can get approved by the city government.

It has been 7 years now but they didn’t get the steel building and the prices have also increased since then from $60,000 to $110,000 which is ridiculous. He has lost hope of getting the building and now he only wants the invested money back.

General Steel Corporation review

#Complain 2 Against General Steel Corporation

One of the customers told that General Steel Corporation collected $10,000 from me with the express written request that it send me a list of specific products, specifically the whole parts list for a metal building the business had constructed.

They were unable to accomplish so. He assumed that it would be a minor issue as these things do happen and honest individuals sometimes make mistakes. He has been trying to convince the corporation to act morally for more than a month despite having written documentation of this reality.

He learned that the corporation actually has policies in place to encourage misleading the company’s goals and actively attempting to deceive the public. One outrageous untruth after another has been told to him.  This extends to the firm president and other executives who have shown themselves to be too scared to even give me the courtesy of a reply. Every attempt at settlement is blocked by some underlying force that is trained to lie and hang up as quickly as possible. The business has declined to take any action to fix its major error. He demanded getting his money back but couldn’t get it.

General Steel Corporation review

#Complaint 3 Against General Steel Corporation

Another customer told that he was planning some construction work in his house so he hired  General Steel Corporation and shared all the details about the construction that needed to be done in his house. Before starting the work they asked to sign some agreement papers. When the work was started he told them he is also the engineer and he will help them to design. After hearing this workers were very happy. Though they understood me and my requirements very well. At least this is what their reactions told me.

Once a few days have gone, the contractor calls to raise some design-related concerns with me. He began by mentioning a technical problem that required them to patch the gaps left between two steel plates. The contractor tried to persuade me by really showing me the problem. I sought an engineering drawing of the item he was discussing verbally because I knew they had engineers and I too was an engineer. 

The contractor was very rude. He tried to explain the point but he was not ready to listen to him so he called the company. They also told to opt for an engineer, I was forced to give up my demand for an engineering design of the problem that was stated to me and compromise on this fact, which was unfortunate.

The contractor approached me and informed me that they required yet another alteration. I had run out of patience up until this point. I wanted to know if he had computed this when he first offered the first adjustment. He fully dropped his hands at this point and asked me to talk with his firm, which I did. This time, the business had to acknowledge that they were to blame. Yet, they utterly disagreed when I sought reimbursement for all the problems during the final transaction. And refused to acknowledge their error as they had done in the past.

He told me the building was structurally wrong. He complains about this to the company but the  General Steel Corporation completely disregarded it. He only demanded some compensation but was not able t get it.

General Steel Corporation review


Although the General Steel Corporation has done many frauds/scams but still, the company operates in many places and the government is doing nothing. They have been defrauding their customer for years. The services they are providing are not up to mark and the employers who are there have very bad behavior towards others.

Therefore, General Steel Corporation is not running a legit business. They are docile when it comes to handling complaints and client satisfaction issues. According to a few reports Customers of General Steel Corporation claim a loss of US $5233 and the overall severity of incident reports is rather high.



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March 17, 2023

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