Miki Agrawal – Harassed and Abused Employees

Miki Agrawal is the founder of Thinx, an underwear company famous for its ‘period underwear’. She faced sexual harassment from multiple employees just a few years ago for her predatory behavior. 

Multiple employees have reported that Miki Agrawal doesn’t respect personal boundaries and would often make sexual remarks or start discussions about sexual topics in the workplace. 

Her predatory behavior doesn’t stop here. She has received allegations for fondling the breasts of one of her victims in the office and asking the victim to expose her breasts right then. 

If that’s not disturbing behavior, then what is? 

Most women who were working under this predator didn’t think that a “She-E.O.” would turn out to be such a twisted and wicked person. They wanted to work in a safe environment but instead, they were met with a horrible, unsafe, and uncomfortable boss.

There are multiple allegations against Miki Agrawal and one of the victims worked up the courage to file a formal complaint against her in New York. 

You know what’s worse? All this time, there was no HR department in Thinx. Clearly, she didn’t value her employees’ safety when she was running the company. She has since left the position of Thinx CEO and has moved onto new ventures. 

However, it’s vital to call out predators in the modern corporate culture. Especially, when the culprit faces no consequences for their predatory behavior. 

What the Victims of Miki Agrawal Say About Their Experiences:

Miki had boasted of talking about things in the workplace which “you are not supposed to talk about” in interviews. However, the complaint filed against her details that she often goes too far when breaking such boundaries. 

According to the complaint, and several employee interviews, Miki Agrawal used to talk openly about the size and shape of her employees’ breasts in the office. 

Moreover, she discussed an employee’s nipple piercings and her own sexual exploits with other employees. Employees reveal that she had also talked about her desire to experiment with polyamory and her interest in beginning a sexual relationship with one of the employees. 

That’s not all.

Miki Agrawal has reportedly talked about the exact means which helped her get female ejaculation. 

While the verbal harassment is already too much to bear, unfortunately, she didn’t stop there. The complaint highlights that she had touched an employee’s breasts and asked her to expose them. 

Also, she would regularly change clothes in front of her employees and conduct videoconferences while still in bed without any clothes on. 

Reportedly, she has shared her  and others’ nude pictures with the employees. At least once, she has FaceTimed a meeting from the toilet. 

Certainly, she has no regard for her employees. Miki Agrawal made the Thinx office a perverted and toxic office, going against its branding of being a feminist organization. 

If a feminist organization fails to provide women with a safe work environment, it’s no longer a feminist organization. 

“Miki Agrawal didn’t have a HR Department in her company, Thinx, leaving the staff no solutions for the poor conditions”

It fails to do what it was supposed to stand for. 

These complaints are horrible but they don’t end here. Chelsea Leibow is the person who filed this formal complaint against Miki Agrawal. She is the former head of public relations at Thinx.

Also, she complained that Miki developed a culture of fear and ageism in the company. For example, she would often call the 20-something employees as “children” while those in their 30s were called “nannies”.

Furthermore, there was no HR department in the company when Miki was its CEO. Without an HR department, the staff members had no overseer of their interests or complaints. 

Because there was no HR department handling workplace disparities, Thinx began one of the most toxic workplaces under Miki Agrawal’s leadership. 

In fact, the only employees who were able to increase their salaries in the firm through negotiations were men. Such pay raises weren’t available for the female staff of the company. 

The horrible work conditions prompted many staff members to leave the company. Those who stayed and complained were laid off. 

The company was able to get an HR department only when Miki Agrawal left it. 

Current Thinx Careers Reviews Expose Miki Agrawal:

You can understand just how terrible she made the company when its employee reviews are full of complaints. 

On Glassdoor, Thinx has received a ton of negative reviews. 

Most of them criticize the leadership for providing them with a toxic workplace. 

miki agrawal wikipedia

For example, the above reviewer highlights that there is rampant nepotism in the company. They didn’t expect to experience such issues in a feminist company but are sad to work here.

miki agrawal wikipedia

Here, the reviewer points out the same issues I have highlighted throughout this article. Thinx has a toxic work environment where the employees are constantly burning out. 

Apart from the reviews I shared above, there are countless other complaints criticizing Thinx leadership for not caring about its employees. 

Several of them have pointed out that Miki Agrawal used to order her staff to write fake positive reviews for the company. So you can understand just how toxic she must be to work with.

miki agrawal thinx
miki agrawal thinx
miki agrawal thinx
miki agrawal wikipedia
miki agrawal thinx
miki agrawal net worth
miki agrawal net worth


The complaints, the reviews, they all expose just how terrible of a leader Miki Agrawal is. She didn’t set up an HR department in her company and blatantly harassed her employees. 

You should avoid dealing with predators like Miki or Juan Monteverde. For those who don’t know, Juan is an attorney who faced a lawsuit for harassing and assaulting his female subordinate. 

There are other types of workplace harassment too. Like Massimo Acquaviva who reportedly doesn’t pay his staff properly and makes them overwork all the time.

It would be a great help if you can share this article with others and raise awareness about these monsters.




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November 11, 2022

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