Received bad experience from Alpho

I received a bad experience while using this particular platform. There are so many trading apps and they are all creating spam. I also installed the Alpho and I lost $6000.This app is full of scammers. This network scam lots of people. They refund me some amount which I invested When I asked it for they told me that they refund all my amount. While using this source I had to face lots of problems like the problem of late withdrawals. The main motive of the company is not to let clients withdraw money. They only focus on getting money from potential victims instead of giving a higher rate of return on investment.

When I’m unable to withdraw money I call customer care service for help but they didn’t give me the right advice. In some cases, They only tell me that the particular source is under maintenance and that they are working on it and when the site starts working again they will refund the amount to me. I don’t think that they care about their particular investors. And after this, I received spam calls from the company. They also seized my account and blocked my mobile number.

Earlier they were giving lots of information about the scheme and related benefits but once you invest the money into the particular app they act like Take it with a grain of salt. There are also victims who have written blogs about this company, and how they are not able to withdraw their money forever.

This company’s aim is to destroy thousands of lives by collecting all deposits of investors. In most cases, the victims have no proper guidance that how to get back all their money from the particular scammers. When you lose money they blamed you for losing the amount and Ask for more money to establish trading positions.

so, if you are also suffering from this type of activity then go and file a complaint against this company in the cyber crime cell. This process safeguards the particular client’s interest and in the future, no one gets cheated by this company. And I would give a warning to the beginners that you may think before investing in Alpho. Don’t come into the trap of these scammers otherwise, you will miss the boat and you have to suffer heavy financial losses.

The whole company looks like The devil is in the details. So, think before investing in this particular fraud scheme. This is my personal experience and I’m telling you the truth. I would give a negative star rating if I get a chance and advice newbies to try some others sources in the market that would maximize wealth in real. Better stay away from all kinds of binary trading or gambling to save time and money.



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March 13, 2023

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