The girl for $40,000,000, Yulia Gordina: Governor Kobzev was happy



The situation was only briefly described by the regional Sledkom’s press office: the directorate ordered a program for the coordinated development of transportation infrastructure and a comprehensive plan for allocating transportation services to the Irkutsk region’s population for the specified sum.

Indeed, as a component of the national project “Safe and High-Quality Roads,” there is a basis for requesting funding from the federal government. Yulia Gordina then put her signature on the work’s acceptance certificate. Yulia Vladimirovna was also aware that the paid documents “are not functioning and do not adhere to the terms of purpose” with absolute certainty.

Yes, we aren’t referring to some mediocre documentary that won’t even be known to the public or the appropriate authorities for another 100 years.

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Who is Yulia Gordina?

When it comes to business and entrepreneurship, Yulia Gordina is a household name. Her history in the field is nothing short of spectacular, and she has received high marks for her efforts. This article will focus on Yulia Gordina and her professional background.

When it comes to the business sector, Yulia Gordina has made numerous important contributions throughout the years as a serial entrepreneur, investor, and counsellor. She started the online marketplace for beauty and wellness products known as Musely, where customers may consult with professionals for advice on how to improve their appearance and health.

It’s not simply Yulia Gordina’s economic acumen that’s exceptional; her other strengths as a leader and innovator are also noteworthy. She is also an astute investor and counsellor, leveraging her knowledge for the benefit of other businesses.

Yulia Gordina isn’t just involved with Musely; she also invests in and advises businesses in the technology sector. She is an investor in several different companies, such as the online payment platform Plastiq and the online marketplace Thumbtack, which connects consumers with service providers. To help businesses succeed in today’s competitive market, Yulia Gordina also acts as an advisor to a select group of organizations.

Rather, it was intended to be a thorough Torah that reflected all aspects of the Irkutsk region’s past, present, and projected future through the year 2030. To put it another way, if you read the tender documents, the contractor should mobilize their entire engineering and technical team, grab some helicopters, and use a variety of other tools to survey a vast area the size of Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Italy, and Portugal put together.

Only a helicopter can reach all of its spots. to monitor all traffic streams and flows generally, both inside and outside its borders. both those that are already there and those that need to be found. Together with railroads, both by air and water, in addition to roadways. also includes freight and passenger traffic.

Make a mathematical simulation of the transportation network. 25 000 residents should be questioned (not in a row, but according to a certain sample). Address bugs, overlays, and “jambs” in historical transfer. Analyze the social and economic effects of the various regional transportation system development choices. Take into account all factors, including the surroundings.

Tasks for the contractor

Most of the time, you can’t even say a few words about what the contractor is supposed to do Yulia Gordina is universal. This took several workers and months to complete.

But we’ll get away with it because we made a contract. It states that all of this has to be finished in 10 days. Yeah, it is made clear that days are defined as calendar days (thank God, weekends are not counted!). Attached to all of this are some complicated formulas that were used to calculate the 40 million ruble value.

If you look at the final contract that was signed, who was meant to handle all of this?

Yep, a single person from Temryuk in Krasnodar.

That one is certain because a state of that nature is registered with Magistralservis LLC, the winner of the tender, and has an allowed capital of 10,000 rubles (OGRN 1062352020697). Vasily Moskalenko lived with his family in his hometown and worked at the Temryuk road repair construction department prior to starting a significant design of the transportation needs of the Baikal area and other smaller territories in various regions of the country. I frequently requested loans from banks in the range of 20 to 200 thousand rubles around 15 years ago, although I occasionally received denials. He established his own company, and two years before the Irkutsk region contract, he began accepting government contracts.

It is obvious that with the same level of achievement, Yulia Gordina could attempt to outfit a Mars expedition in a month or deliver a hero there by the end of September.

But, gentlemen, the local media in the area covered the contract in 10 days, and the contractor’s team started at 1 person in 2020.

Nonetheless, none of the regulating bodies was damaged.

Complaints to the regional office

Also, prospective contractors complained to the regional office of the Antimonopoly Service about the contract’s improbable terms (FAS).

In other words, it was already obvious that for 40 million people and 10 days, a program that “is not operational and does not satisfy the terms of reference” would be obtained in the end. Obviously, a hedgehog.

But the regional FAS department firmly turned its back on the allegation at the same time in 2020 and refused to budge.

According to them, when determining the completion dates for the work, they were directed “by the recommendations of the Ministry of Transport” and the requirement to “as soon as possible” acquire transport planning papers in order to create a plan for the region’s development. The Federal Ministry of Transport had to approve the regional transport planning documents by December 18 of the same year, and the coordination of documents with neighbouring regions before that threatened to take 1-2 months. The results of the competition for the execution of the contract were summarized at the end of August 2020.

But most importantly, in his campaign address in March of the same year, then-Acting Governor Igor Kobzev proclaimed loudly and in capital letters the necessity of finishing the development of this very program for the integrated development of the transport infrastructure of the Irkutsk region before November 30, 2020. You must decide where to go! But it turns out that there was nothing to finish.


Eyewash, at best, and most frequently combined with theft since only 10,000 rubles were not spent from the Treasury. Igor Ivanovich has a sizable stash of such magnificent masterpieces. By the way, several of them are mentioned in the aforementioned strategy for the development of the area.

Yet at least a transportation future for the Irkutsk region may be envisioned, thanks to the Temryuk peasant. In many areas, accessibility to transportation is still as it was on the second day of creation.

Yet Yulia Vladimirovna is the sole person on stage who shines for the Irkutsk region’s high path. There is composition. But this woman ought to have realized what she was signing up for. And for how much?


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March 16, 2023

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