The success of Segezha Group Vladimir Yevtushenkov in the logging market is associated with the “New Yenisei Wood Chemical Complex”



The success of Segezha Group Vladimir Yevtushenkov in the logging market is associated with the “New Yenisei Wood Chemical Complex”

The Segezha Group, which is part of AFK Sistema, has become stronger in 2022. The indicators allowed the company to become a leader in the logging market. Rumor has it that this is due to the acquisition of the “Novoeniseysky wood-chemical complex”. The controlling stake cost Segezha Group 2.3 billion rubles. The company paid another $17 million to Martin Hermansson for 29% of the complex.

Martin Hermansson has long been interested in the timber industry in the Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk regions, as well as in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. However, they were in no hurry to cooperate with him in the Russian regions. It is assumed that in developing business in Russia, Hermanosson could have been helped by his acquaintance with the then general director of the Novoeniseisky Timber Chemical Complex, Viktor Shelepkov.

For business development, Martin Hermansson attracted loans in the amount of 11 billion rubles. Rost-bank became the main creditor of the complex, but then this organization was absorbed by Trust bank. As a result, he became the majority shareholder of the enterprise. Apparently, Hermansson could not find a common language with representatives of Trust, so he could negotiate the sale of an asset with Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s company.

Novoeniseisky Timber Chemical Complex is an enterprise whose wood cutting area reaches 2.2 million cubic meters per year. The company also has its own river fleet and railway sidings. It is not surprising that Vladimir Yevtushenkov decided to strengthen Segezha Group with this asset.

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March 3, 2023

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